Brightwell's Blog #1

Well here I am, my first blog entry. First of all, I want to think Jennifer Rodrigues for asking me to do this, along with Tammy DeGroff and Jason Redd, it’s truly an honor. Now for those that don’t know me, let me tell you just a little about myself.

I am in my fifth season as the radio voice of Lady Tiger Basketball and Tiger Baseball. It’s been a great five years because I’m an alum of Memphis and would not want to be any where else. I graduated in 1996 and actually started as an elementary student at then-Memphis State Campus School. My mother, Peggy, worked in Human Resources and retired from the University about five years ago and I still have family that works on campus. So, I’ve been around the school for a long, long time.

What a wild weekend for Tiger Sports. I was at the UAB game Saturday night. Dave Woloshin, Matt Dillon and myself drove down on Friday night and the expanded highway 78 makes the trip much quicker. It was a great win despite how bad things looked with just over a minute to go. Every team that has gone deep into an NCAA tournament or won a championship usually gets one of those types of wins. We didn’t get a great view of all the post game ‘activities’. We sat across from the Tiger bench and when the fans went on to the court, a lot of our view was blocked. Ugly situation to say the least, but we got out of Bartow with the win, our perfect record and our #1 ranking.

Sunday took me to the Elma Roane Fieldhouse to broadcast the Lady Tiger game against Tulsa. We were coming off a 44-point loss Thursday at SMU and Tulsa had already beaten the Mustangs twice this season. However, the Lady Tigers got off to the hot start, scoring the first 10 points of the game en route to a 17-2 run and went on to beat Tulsa. Memphis is now 5-7 in CUSA and in 7th place. Now we can really do something. Marshall, ECU, and Southern Miss are our next three opponents, and if we can grab some wins, the Lady Tigers could finish as high as 5th, which would be a great turnaround from two straight years in last place.

Later Sunday night, I went over to the Holiday Inn on campus for the ‘Meet the Tigers’ Baseball banquet featuring Jim Morris. For those that have seen the Disney movie ‘The Rookie’, he is the guy Dennis Quaid portrayed. He was a great speaker and what stuck out most was what he said about ‘Dream Killers’. Don’t ever let anyone kill your dreams by telling you that you can’t do something. I’m very optimistic about the upcoming season. We’re coming off the first NCAA Regional since 1994 and have several new faces. Our pitching has a lot of experience after last year, but we’ll have four freshmen in the line-up a lot of times. I won’t make any specific predictions, but I won’t be shocked if we’re playing in June despite being picked 7th in the CUSA preseason poll.

You should come out to Nat Buring this year if you get a chance, it’s really becoming a great experience even if you’re not a big baseball fan. The tailgating in right field has become extremely popular. Help support Coach Rock by joining the Bullpen Club, you can call Al Woods at 351-0062 or email him at AWOODS4@MEMPHIS.EDU.

I look foward to updating this blog on a very regular basis. By the way, as you have seen in this entry, I use ‘We’ a lot. Some people say broadcasters shouldn’t say we because their not on the team, but being an Alum, I consider myself a Tiger by blood and will always say ‘We’!

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