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It's been a long four years for me. Never even thought I'd make it this far in track & field. I came in as a walk-on basically to stay in shape so that I could go out for football the next season and ended up getting stuck. I don't really regret it because I came a long way. I can still remember my freshman year coming on to the team and how many of us it was in my class. Now it is cut down to just two of us; myself and Sam James. One of the biggest things that always clouded my mind running collegiate track was, "Am I good enough to ever place top three and win any medals?" Well that question was quickly answered when I, out of nowhere, placed second in the 400m hurdles at outdoor conference my sophomore year. This was a surprise to both me and the rest of the team as it opened my eyes to understanding how capable I was of doing well in the sport. Going into my junior year I ended the indoor season with third place in the 60m hurdles, which had been one of my weakest races up until then. Then the biggest shocker came when I pulled through to get first in the 110 hurdles during outdoor conference. After I pulled that off I knew that I was going to have to step my game up because I knew that the other coaches from the other schools were going to do their best to make sure that didn't happen again.

So now we're in my senior year and getting ready for the 2008 Indoor Championship and things have been pretty smooth for me so far. I knew that my first obstacle for this season was going to be stepping up and being a leader to the young freshmen coming in. Because a majority of our team is freshmen, I knew I had my work cut out for me. Since I've always liked to take up the leader roll it wasn't hard for me to step up. Of course the freshman don't pay me any mind when I'm talking, but I know that at the end of the day everything that came out of my mouth will have some sort of impact on their thinking and maybe even change their minds. I hate to be leaving them so quickly because I know that there won't be many seniors next year to take my place and guide them. Hopefully this young program will pull all the way through to establish a strong dynasty for the future of U of Memphis track & field.

I started off the indoor season running an 8.26 in the 60's. After running that, I knew that it was going to be over at conference, because that time is just about where I ended last year. Though that time has me ranked at fourth in conference tied with Chris Bell from ECU, what the rest of them don't know is that I've actually ran the fastest time out of anyone in our conference. A few weeks ago I took a road trip along with a three other of my teammates to the TSU Invite where I blazed an 8.09 in the 60's. Of course no one knows about this because of the fact that I ran unattached at the meet and the time does not count towards conference rankings. I've just been taking it easy at practice and doing my best to perfect my form over and between those hurdles in order to get the results I'm aiming for this weekend.

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