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Yesterday I received the news that Blair Savage had announced that she was stepping down after this weekends Conference USA Tournament. I know the wins and losses didn't add up to what she wanted, but I always appreciated the fact that she always was there for her post-game interview and told it like it was. Trust me, I've worked with coaches before that won't give you the time of day when they lose, but are everyone's best friend when they win. Here's hoping the team can make a run this weekend and end on a high note.

If the baseball team gets to play today, it could be the first time I do a game where I see a snowflake. Last year it sleeted during the Saturday game at Tulane, but no snow. I guess it's appropriate that the Blue Jays are in town, since the Toronto Blue Jays used to regularly play in snow at old Exhibition Stadium. This is a very good Creighton team, they won over 40 games last year and went to their 8th regional. If we don't get today's game in, we could be looking at our first double-header of the season tomorrow, in much warmer weather. By the way, several of the Creighton players were at Coach Cal's radio show last night since the Jays stayed at the Double Tree.

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