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Well I hate to say it, but this weekend didn't seem to go as I planned. I ended up pulling across the finish line in second place. Though I expected much more of myself, I still feel as though I did well. The weather change from Memphis to Houston really had a big effect on my warm-up session; causing me to be more loose than I am use to being. The looseness had a major effect on my block starts, causing me to be the last out in both the prelims and in the finals. Even with the bad block starts I was able to pull up and beat everyone but the one guy who beat me. It was kind of weird because this kid has been trying to beat me for the last three years now and I guess he finally got what he wanted. I think I was expected to be the victor in the race and was sorry to have disappointed the audience, but my opponent gave me a good race and there is no reason to cry about it.

One thing I did learn this past weekend is that I have great turn over speed and I almost used it to catch up with the other guy. This is how I know that the 110 hurdles come outdoor season will most definitely be mine. Not only am I working towards bringing home the gold in the 110's but I also have my eyes on the 400 hurdles as well. It seems that everyone who has been able to beat me in the past has moved on so the only thing I have to worry about now is keeping the new freshman in my dust trail. If I can pull all of this off, I just may be bringing home "two" gold medals come outdoor conference and possibly even the "most points scored" trophy. I am also looking to become a factor in the open 400 meters, which is a race I have never competed in before.

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