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It's been a frustrating season thus far for Coach Schoenrock to say the least. After watching the 12th ranked Rice Owls come from behind to win 7-6 yesterday, the team fell to 11-19 and lost their 9th straight. As in all other sports, a bounce here or there and it could be much different. Memphis has lost 9 one-run games, so if we win just four of those we are 15-15. The road doesn't get any easier because tomorrow we host Mississippi State at Autozone Park before going on the road to UCF. The good thing though about this team, is despite the struggles, the team is still a very cohesive unit and doesn't point blame, Rock's teams have always played hard and stayed together in the good times and bad. Tonight is obviously a historical night, being an Alum (1996), it's extra special to me. I was less than a year old when the Tigers played in their last title game and was in 5th grade when we lost to Villanova in the Final Four. I know it's been said before, but it's great to see how our city becomes one when Tiger basketball does well, no other entity in this city has as much unifying capability as Tiger basketball.

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