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Last Night I had the pleasure of meeting our new Lady Tiger coach, Melissa McFerrin, briefly after the Lady Tiger banquet. From the short time I got to spend with her, I was impressed.

She had just arrived from the airport and wasn't really expecting to be greeted by anyone, but myself, a few boosters, and four players were waiting. As soon as she entered the lobby, she knew who the majority of the group was. She knew the home-town of all four players that were there by heart, which showed me she was ready to dive right in to this program. I was also really impressed by how friendly and confidently she spoke to all of us; I'm sure the last few days have been a blur to coach McFerrin.

I also like the way she speaks about Memphis becoming the class of the Conference. I think that is so much better than just wanting to be competitive. It looks like she is really embracing this opportunity and I hope it will be a long and successful tenure for Coach McFerrin.

Tomorrow baseball plays at Middle Tennessee and I'll break down some numbers for you before we bus out.

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