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This week was a bad week for not only me, but the entire sprint group. We went to the meet expecting it to be super big with some big teams and maybe even some pro athletes, but we were quickly disappointed on that note. Though we didn't get the big teams or the pros, the meet still turned out to be pretty fast. In fact, I ran in one of the fastest overall races in the 110m hurdles since my freshman year. Even though I really didn't expect that much from myself with me going to the meet with an injured knee, I was still overwhelmed in the finals of the race when I placed last. I have not placed last in a race since my sophomore year in high school when I first started running the hurdles. It is truly frustrating right now because a whole season has gone by and I have not even broken 15.00 yet in the 110m hurdles. It was no better in the 400 meter hurdles- in fact, it was even worse. I got out in the race and was in the lead for the first 250 meter at least and after floating over one of the hurdles completely lost all my momentum and concentration and ended up walking across the line at 1:02. This was the most embarrassing meet of my college career. I am hoping that this does not follow me up to conference because I am going to have to suck it up. But as of now, I'll just stick to my blame on all the stress of trying stay up in school and graduate. Lately, my mind has been focused more towards me graduating in May and I have not been able to focus mentally on track. I know inside that I could have still run well in that 400 and that it was me being mentally tired that lost me that race. I feel that things will be better by the time conference comes since I'll be done with all the school work and worrying about projects and this and that. "Conference USA, here I come!"

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