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Well, just 7 remaining games in the regular season and today we bus down to my favorite place to go in the Conference for baseball, Southern Mississippi. Although our conference is filled with top notch ballparks and great fans, I think the best environment is Pete Taylor Park.

I will miss the old press box though. The old radio booth was located on the top of the grand-stands in the box-seat section. Fans would often turn around to talk with me between innings and I've always found that the Eagle fans had a very high baseball IQ. The right-field roost is also one of the best tail-gating areas you will find. It's a berm that runs from the right-field corner to almost center-field. This is where numerous fans pull into the park with their RV's, trucks, and other various set-ups.

The Tigers have had success over the last two seasons, winning 6 of the last 8 including a sweep in Memphis last year.

If you're ever wanting to go watch the Tigers on the road during a Conference weekend, this is the place you should start.

Hope to hear from you all this weekend during the broadcast at MEMPHISRADIO@HOTMAIL.COM

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