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Well, it's over and the baseball team, despite a disappointing year, went out on a good note, beating 30th ranked ECU Saturday afternoon. It was great to see the seniors have a big day in their final day.

In all, we said good bye to five seniors Phillip Utley, Chris Kirkland, Alex Fennell (Southaven), Neil Schenk (Briarcrest), and KK Chalmers (Southaven). Fennell, Schenk, and Chalmers represented the first four year senior class to leave under Coach Rock, I'm sure it was a special day for him as well. Schenk earned his first collegiate win of his career four years ago at East Carolina, and finished his career with the win on Saturday. KK Chalmers, from Southaven, has been the heart and soul of the Shoenrock era thus far. All the seniors will be missed.

It may have also been the last game we played at the park known as Nat Buring, It has been the Tigers home since they opened it with a win over Mississippi State on March 14th, 1972. It hosted 5 conference tournaments, was home to 5 NCAA Regional teams, 4 conference Champions, 9 All Americans, 94 All Conference players, and 57 Tigers who played pro baseball. Even though it has seen it's better days, It was kind of sad leaving the park on Saturday.

Just because the season is over, doesn't mean I won't be checking in. I'll be giving updates on how our baseball players are doing with their summer league teams and updating our pro players as well. I'll also update any info I have on the Lady Tigers.

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