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So, this weekend turned out like it should have, but it could have still been even better. I don't mean to sound all selfish and greedy, but I saw something in myself this weekend that I've never had a chance to see. I was not surprised that my time in the 110m hurdles had dropped so drastically as it did in the prelims on Friday. Though I was reaching for an even lower time, I was still somewhat satisfied with my performance. Just as I did in the indoor championships I got out to a terrible start in the finals of the 110m hurdles. It was so bad that I was looking at the backs of two of the other runners for at least 50m; then I started to think about my family, friends, and everyone who had been so proud of me for winning last years championship. Even with the lead Kris Bell from ECU had on me, I was able to power up and zoom past him for the win. I tried to stress to my younger teammates afterwards that I won that race not with speed, not with talent, but with "heart". It would have been so easy to give up and just let him have it and settle for the second place again, but who wants to be runner-up? Not me!

So, I went on to win the 110m hurdles again, which was actually expected. The biggest shocker of this weekend was in the finals of the 400m hurdles. Since I've been running the 400m hurdles I've been known to run the first 200m very well and struggle for the last 150m at least. Saturday, I was a whole different person. One thing I knew going into the race was that I had a big advantage over the other runners...wind resistance. I already knew that most of the other guys would not be able to run against the strong wind on the first backstretch, so I knew that I would have to make my move there and early. Within the first 200m I had broken the stagger on the race, even passing the expected vector Jason Perez. Some things that were different about this race were one- I had never caught that many people in this race, and two- I was not even getting tired like I usually did around that distance. That was until...I CRASHED over that one bad hurdle that always messes me up every race. Just like that, victory evaporates in the air as the other runners zoom on past me as I slide across the track on my belly. Even though I was very frustrated afterwards, I was till proud of myself for pulling off what I did and looking as good as I did. I am sure that everyone else was proud too, so it was easy to leave the whole thing at peace.

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