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As I promised, I'm checking in with you all and I hope the start of summer is treating you well.

What a year for Conference USA baseball. CUSA got 5 of 9 teams in the NCAA's, the most since 2002 when CUSA sent 5 of 12. What's more impressive is that all five made it to their regional championship games with Rice advancing to the Super-Regionals to Host Texas A&M this weekend.

About a dozen baseball players have made their way to their summer wood-bat teams that stretch from Texas to New England. This is a great tool in the development of young players. Each one will play about 50 games and get another couple hundred plate appearances swinging a wooden bat and the pitchers get some more innings on their arms. It's amazing how much these players have improved when they come back for fall workouts.

Looks like Coach McFerrin has rounded out her staff and will stretch her recruiting grounds. I especially like how she's going to look nationwide for players, already targeting Chicago and Detroit. Hmm, broadening the recruiting base and targeting Chicago and Detroit, seems like I've seen this philosophy before and it really paid off. I'll have more about the Lady Tigers once I get a chance to sit down with coach later this summer.

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