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Congrats to the three Tigers that were selected in today's Major League Baseball draft!

Junior Scott McGreggor went in the 15th round to St. Louis, senior Neil Schenk went in the 23rd round to Tampa Bay, and Junior Will Hudgens was taken in the 23rd round by Cincinnati.

For me, it was special to see Neil Schenk get drafted, couldn't have happened to a nicer guy or harder worker. Schenk signed with the Tigers out of Briarcrest and was immediately thrown into the weekend rotation as a true freshmen. It's a role that a true freshman usually isn't thrust into, but coach Rock had no choice his first year. But, Neil never complained and went out and did his job every start. His sophomore year he was moved to the bullpen and struggled his first year there, but made the transition his junior year and flourished in 2008. He logged his first and last careers wins against East Carolina. He was also the University's Male Scholar Athlete of the year. He's been a great ambassador for the baseball program, he'll definitely be missed.

Scott McGreggor has been a consistent presence in the weekend rotation for coach Rock. His first year McGreggor was all-freshman throwing three complete games. From that year on, SID Jason Redd and I referred to Scott as "CG" McGreggor for his complete games. Scott has been a strike thrower in his three years here and you can always count on him pitching you late into the game even when he didn't have his best stuff. Scott never made a big deal about a good or bad outing, just a guy that came in and did his job.

Finally, Will Hudgens. What a story it was. After playing football for a few seasons, Will got the itch to play baseball again and asked Coach Rock if he could have a chance. After the OK was given by Coach West, Will got his chance. Rock initially thought he may be a guy that could give him some bullpen innings during mid-week games, but nobody knew what was in store for 2007. Will's first appearance came in relief in Millington and he got the win against Mizzou, he followed that up with a relief win at #6 Clemson. As a starter, Will beat two more ranked teams, #30 Southern Miss, and #2 Rice. The win over Rice in the semi-finals at the Conference Tournament was a huge win for the program. But, what I'll always remember about Will is that he always had a smile on his face and something funny to say.

Although Schenk is gone, McGreggor and Hudgens will now have to weigh the pros and cons and make the best decisions for themselves and their families as to wether they will go pro or stay another season.

Congrats to all three Tigers, they were all a big part of this program.

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