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Long summer waiting for Tiger Sports to crank up again. I'm very excited about the start of Lady Tiger basketball this fall. I have been really impressed with Coach McFerrin and her staff in the limited time I've spent with them. I think you'll be really impressed with them the very first season.

Tamika Whitmore is having another great year, playing this season for the Connecticut Sun. Through 13 games, she's averaging almost 14 points and over 5 rebounds per game. Hard to believe, but Whitmore is in her 10th season. The Sun is currently leading the Eastern Conference.

Summer wood-bat baseball is underway for several of the Tigers, here's an update on how they're doing.

Adam McClain Luray Wranglers, Valley Legue,16 games, .232ba, 3hr, 15rbi

Cole Shelton, Woodstock River Bandits, Valley League, 12 games, .204ba, 1hr, 5rbi

Brach Davis, Woodstock River Bandits, Valley League, 3games, 1-0, 3.32era, 19ip, 21k's

Tyler Huelsing, Brazos Valley Brahmas, Texas Collegiate League 8 games, .286, 2 doubles, 6rbi's.

Chad Zurcher, Northshore Navigators, New England Collegiate, 7games, .214ba

Worth Tate, Danville Dans, Central Illinois Collegiate, 4games, 0-1, 11.25era, 4ip

I'm spending my summer looking for a house and trying to drop all the weight I put on during the season travelling.

I'll talk again with you soon and give you an update on the Tiger Baseball pros.

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