Summer Update #5

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Sorry for the delay in between posts, but things are kind of slowing down here in the AOB for a little bit from the media relations front (except for the football media guide!). On the other side of our wall, the women's basketball staff is getting ready for the upcoming Evaluation Period which runs July 6-15th. In that short period of time, the women's basketball staff plans on hitting 15 different tournaments around the country, including stops in Texas, Illinois, Kentucky, Georgia, Tennessee, Ohio and Florida. Following that evaluation period, there is a quiet period from July 16th-July 21st before the next evaluation period begins on July 22nd. That evaluation period runs until July 31st and will find the four members of the staff out on the road at 15 different tournaments, covering stops in Kentucky, Illinois, North Carolina, Tennessee, Maryland, South Carolina, Georgia, New Yok and Mississippi. The first signing day for the kids of the 2008-09 signing class will be November 14th until November 21st for the early signing period. The regular signing period will be April 16th to May 21st. That's 30 stops in about 16 total days.

And speaking of newcomers, the staff still is not done adding newcomers for the upcoming season. Check back sometime next week and we should have information regarding another newcomer for the upcoming season!

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