C-USA Football Players Visit St. Jude

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As part of Conference USA's community service effort, players who were in Memphis for Media Day this weekend had a very informative tour of St. Jude Children's Research hospital Monday morning. Clinton McDonald and Maurice Jones represented the Tigers as the group gathered outside at 9 a.m. and spent just over two hours at the facility. We all toured the various patient areas and also learned quite a bit on the lab floor about Parkinson's disease and the Bird Flu. The end of our tour was the most memorable as we met a little seven-year-old boy who was in his third battle with cancer in his short life time. The tour hit home a little more for those of us associated with the Tiger program knowing how lucky Stacy Jones was to have been treated in this amazing hospital a year ago. You could tell that there is so much thought that goes into not just treating the patients, but in making them feel as comfortable as possible while they battle the various diseases they are there for.

St. Jude Research Hospital Visit Photo Gallery

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