Summer Update #6

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Wow, over a month between posts...sorry about that, but July has pretty much found the women's basketball staff out and on the road. They had a few days to take a break from the road, but are just starting to trickle back in to the office.

The traffic is really starting to pick up in the AOB. I've seen a lot of the girls walking through on their way to the business office to turn in their book receipts for the summer session that is currently under way. And believe it or not, football reports to camp on Sunday night. It'll be a busy couple of days of meetings for the fall athletes, but that means summer has officially come to an end for a lot of AOB staffers.

Rumor throughthe grapevine regarding the women's basketball schedule is that one exhibition game and one non-conference game have been added to the draft of the schedule that's put together right now. Hopefully we'll have a schedule to share with everyone soon, but I will tell you to mark down Nov. 28-29th for the Women's Basketball Thanksgiving Tournament and it looks like right now, our home opener could be Nov. 14th. With Memphis hosting the Conference USA volleyball championships, the Elma Roane Fieldhouse will have a busy November and will hosts quite a few games/matches in a really short time span. It's a real balancing act to keep the facility set up for both volleyball and women's basketball and the student managers for both teams do a great job of getting stuff broke down from one practice and set up for the next one.

And while not women's basketball-related (yet), please check out our volleyball, and men's and women's soccer pages. On Tuesday we taped the first of what will be weekly "Virtual Coaches TV Shows" through the All-Access part of the website. Jeff Brightwell, voice of our women's basketball team, was the host with all three of the head coaches (M&W Soccer, volleyball), and all three pre-season shows are being offered for free. We will stream as many home games this season as our one-camera and short-staffed video department can swing, and Brightwell will also voice the play-by-play for both soccers and volleyball for select games.

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