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Welcome to 2008-09!!! Women's basketball really got things rolling today with our annual Photo Day. We did head shots, set shots for the media guide cover, newcomer action photos, coaching group and action photos and a team photo...which is officially the most we have ever knocked out in one photo session in the time I've been at Memphis (which I'm surprised to say is nine years now, time flies!).

The team is up doing conditioning in the early mornings and will be able to start individual workouts some time next month. I know everyone is excited for the year to get rolling, as am I (I'd be more excited if the media guide was closer to being done!).

A couple of important dates to Friday (September 5th) is the Women's Basketball Golf Scramble. I know the Fastbreak Club folks work hard to get this outing pulled together and would love to see you there. The entry form is posted on our website at under women's basketball and Gaylon Hall's contact information is on there. Even if you can't golf, we'd love to see you there!

October 16th will be the day that Conference USA gets to meet Coach McFerrin officially as C-USA Basketball Media Day will be held in Memphis again at FedExForum. That will be a long day of interviews and will include a live TV interview with Coach and a selection of players on CBS College Sports...more on that to come. And I know everyone is waiting for a schedule....I promise that as soon as I see one, we'll post it and get started on helping you purchase your season basketball tickets. Keep checking our website!

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