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Basketball season is about to step up to full throttle in a couple of days. We've kept the coaching staff busy as of late, getting in the media guides for the season on Monday morning and then having Coach McFerrin tape an episode of a Coaches' Show with Jeff Brightwell (which you can view under the All-Access player on our website at for FREE). Today (Wednesday), Coach McFerrin is speaking to Tiger Scholarship Fund supporters at a luncheon at the Holiday Inn on campus and tomorrow Coach McFerrin and seniors Paris Leonard and Ashley Thornton will join me downtown for Conference USA Media Day at FedExForum, then Friday night, the team will begin the season officially with practice.

Yesterday I went and sat through individual workout times and at the end of the session, Coach McFerrin mentioned that the date was the 14th and our first game was exactly one month away!

Fans can watch the activities from C-USA Media Day on our website at under the All-Access player. They will stream the women's basketball coaches press conferences beginning at 12:45 p.m. (assuming the men don't run long). Coach McFerrin will speak with the first group at 12:45, and Ashley and Paris will speak in the fourth group at 1:30 p.m.

From there, the Tigers will go around and do some local TV and print interviews, then at 3:46 p.m. (approximately), all three Memphis representatives will go on the CBS College Sports Women's Media Slam Live Show, which airs from the Grand Lobby of FedExForum. That can be viewed on CBS College Sports, which is channel 222 on digital cable; channel 152 on DishTV and Channel 613 on DirecTV.

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