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Blog #19

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Hey Tiger fans.....just a quick note to say hello from the Bahamas. My laptop battery is about to die (I'm in the lobby of our hotel), but I did load a photo gallery of our first two days here. We arrived Tuesday night a bit behind schedule, then got up early Wednesday for an 8 a.m. practice and then a catamaran trip where the team got to snorkel. The photo gallery is here: Photo Gallery From Catamaran trip

Brightwell's Blog #46

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Hello from the Sheraton Cable Beach Resort in Nassau, Bahamas. Its game day today and we face Texas-Arlington tonight. The game is scheduled for 7pm Memphis time, but there are four games ahead of us, so I doubt we'll start on time.

An update on the trip so far. We arrived around 7:30 Tuesday night and came straight to the resort and ate. Yesterday, we practiced at the National Gymnasium before returning to the hotel to eat. After that, we took a boat trip out to an island where we were able to go snorkeling for about an hour. Got back and ate again and the players were in bed by 9:00.

The weather has been great so far, usually around 80 during the day and low 70's at night, the only time it gets chilly is when the wind picks up.

I'll update you later in the trip.

Brightwell's Blog #45

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Hey everyone, sorry it's been so long since I checked in.

Got back from Puerto Rico safely and it was a great experience. Had a great meal in Old San Juan at a place called Raices and spent one afternoon at the pool where I got a little sun-burn, but that's just a starter for the women's basketball trip to the Bahamas in ten days.

Since I've been back, the women have won three games in a row and are now in the top 100 in the RPI. May not seem like a big deal to the casual fan, but it's definitely a sign of improvement for the program and it's really got the die-hards excited. We're also currently undefeated at the Elma Roane Field House so it looks like it's becoming a hard place to come in and play once again.

Tonight, they will face Arkansas at FedEx Forum in downtown Memphis. Arkansas is out to a 5-1 start and has a really good defensive team so it will be a very big challenge. Then, we'll play next Thursday against South Alabama at FedEx Forum. Between then, exams will be taking place.

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