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Sitting in the Southern Miss recreation center while the women's basketball team is practicing on one of the four courts. There are a bunch of people shooting in open gym on the other three courts and we have court three, so we have some rec games going on both sides of our practice, kind of an intesting experience.

The team is happily back on the ground after a rough travel morning. We had a 4:30 a.m (ET) wake-up call, loaded the bus and got to the airport and found that our flight had been moved up to 6:15 from 6:30, so it was quick get checked in, get through security and walk right to the plane. We actually flew back to Memphis, landing at about 7:30 this morning in some bumpy air that came with the rain that has been in Memphis. We then grabbed breakfast in the airport, and flew to Hattiesburg since we have to practice from 2-4:00 today, unfortunately, we were on a proppeller plane that really made for a rough ride in the turbulence for about the last quarter of the Hattiesburg trip. We had a couple of folks who were green in the gills when we got off...I think we'll all be happy for the five-hour bus ride home after the game tomorrow night.

It took a bit to get our luggage off the plane, only to find we were missing 10 bags. So while we are here at practice, Tony Martin is on his way back to Memphis to pick up a second set of uniforms since we don't anticipate getting any bags until saturday morning if we're lucky. We got to our hotel, had a quick lunch and then if the girls all did what I did, we took a nap. Jeff Brightwell and Coach McFerrin taped her radio coach's show, which Jeff emailed to WREC, and he's not at practice now, so I'm gonna guess he's finally finding time for some shut-eye as well. The team is working on a few problems from last night and getting ready for USM for tomorrow, and with no tables, Kristin Henke (our academic advisor) and myself are sitting on the floor in the end zone, so I'm gonna wrap this up and make sure a loose ball doesn't end up taking out my laptop after I already dropped my Blackberry in a sink to start the trip.

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