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Yesterday, I went out to the stadium to help our SID Jason Redd clean out the press box. Although I am excited about FedEx Park, it was hard not to think about all the good times at Nat Buring.

During it's 36 year run, it saw over 950 games. On March 14th, 1972, the Tigers opened Nat Buring with an 11-2 win over Mississippi State. It was home to five NCAA regional teams and four Conference Champions. There were only three losing seasons in the history of Nat Buring, capped by the 32-1 record by the 1981 team. 57 Tiger pros played at the park, including nine All-Americans and 94 All Conference selections. Nat Buring saw it's last game on May 17th, of 2008 when the Tigers knocked off 30th ranked ECU 7-5.

So even though I'm very excited to come home to FedEx Park in 2010, I will always have fond memories of old Nat Buring Stadium.

Here is my final pic I took yesterday before I left.

Nat Buring Stadium, Feb. 18, 2009

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