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Brightwell's Blog - June 25, 2009

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Hot summer isn't it? What a great day yesterday, my battery went dead on the Jeep while I was out in the middle of the day. Nothing I love better that changing a battery on a asphalt parking lot with no shade. Good thing my best friend Michael Fergie was in the area to come help out.

Coach McFerrin's staff is busy with camp right now. I've been over at the Elma Roane Field House a few times and they look really busy. Speaking of Coach McFerrin, I see where she is now Twittering, . I guess when my broadcast season starts up this fall, I'm going to have to start it as well. Also, don't forget, September 11th is the Fastbreak Golf Tournament at Quail Ridge.

Coach Rock and the baseball program will host their Labor Day Showcase in September, details are here. .

Living in the University neighborhood affords me the opportunity to swing by FedEx Park regularly, it's pretty neat seeing the daily progress over there.

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The summer is officially moving by too fast...I just got an email request from our conference office for our 2009-2010 wbkb roster and quick facts and I still haven't filed the senior class from last year's stuff in our archives yet!

Just a couple of quick notes for you....if you plan on visiting us in the AOB any time soon, please be aware that construction of the Penny Hardaway Hall of Fame began in earnest this morning as the parking lot adjacent to the AOB on Normal is now closed. You are welcome to park in the designated visitor parking spots in front of the Ticket Office side, but we will be crunched for parking from now on since the parking lot (all the way down to the second tree) will be under construction as the new Hall of Fame.

A couple of the players for the upcoming season are on campus now and are taking classes. I don't know that everyone knows what these student-athletes schedules look like during the fall and spring, so to be able to knock out 3-6 credits in the summer is a huge help in keeping everyone on track with their respective degree programs.

You may have seen the release about the ranking of our women's basketball signing class for the upcoming season. It will be a big change in faces on the court compared to last season, with three (maybe four) players who played last year able to suit up this season. We counted up a week or so ago, and since Coach McFerrin has arrived in Memphis in April of 2008, we have signed 12 different players to the wbkb roster!

The Sixth Annual Fast Break Club Golf Scramble has been scheduled for Sept. 11th. Registration forms are available on the women's basketball page in the right hand column, or by contacting Gaylon Hall. Even if you don't golf, you can still support the outing by donating a door prize or sponsoring a hole. That form is available as well on our website. The goal is to raise money for locker room and Elma Roane Fieldhouse renovations and to start fundraising for an international basketball tour, so any and all help is much-appreciated.

Brightwell's Blog - June 17, 2009

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Summer's moving along and I'm loving living in the University of Memphis neighborhood. Up every morning early to get a 1-2 mile jog in and lift some weights, I'm down 11 pounds the first two weeks since moving in.

Great news on the women's basketball front, Coach McFerrin's recruiting class that will be taking the court this fall was ranked 52nd nationally and tops in Conference USA, should be a fun year for the Tigers.

Construction in moving along on FedEx Park, brick work has started on the locker-room/training facility on the first base side and the steel is going up for the pressbox addition to the grand-stand.

Thanks to Andrew Vandeventer and Staci Superstarr for having me over to WUMR yesterday to talk about my experience as a student (13 years ago, I'm starting to feel old) and my life as "The voice of the Tigers". They are in the middle of their radio-thon that helps them raise money to benefit our campus station which carries women's basketball and baseball.

Brightwell's Blog - June 2, 2009

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So, I'm in the middle of moving in the University of Memphis neighborhood this week. And no, I'm not giving out my specific address, lol. This will be the last time I don't hire movers to move my stuff and the last time I paint a house by myself. But, I am glad to be living in the neighborhood.

With all that is swirling around during my move, I wanted to check in and congratulate our CUSA Baseball mates. This year we only had 3 teams in the NCAA, but we've had one of the most successful runs in the past decade. ECU and Rice hosted regionals and Southern Miss went to Atlanta. Now the big news is that all three teams won their regional championships! ECU beat South Carolina in ten innings, Rice knocked of Kansas State, and Southern Miss won their first regional championship over Georgia Tech in Golden Eagles' head coach Corky Palmers' last year.

These teams now head to the "Super Regionals", a best of three series to determine the final eight teams that go to Omaha for the College World Series. ECU faces North Carolina, Rice goes to LSU, and Southern Miss goes to Florida. Best of luck to all three teams.

By the way, even though we had only three NCAA teams this year, CUSA is still ranked 5th out of 31 baseball conferences, not bad at all.

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