Brightwell's Blog - June 17, 2009

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Summer's moving along and I'm loving living in the University of Memphis neighborhood. Up every morning early to get a 1-2 mile jog in and lift some weights, I'm down 11 pounds the first two weeks since moving in.

Great news on the women's basketball front, Coach McFerrin's recruiting class that will be taking the court this fall was ranked 52nd nationally and tops in Conference USA, should be a fun year for the Tigers.

Construction in moving along on FedEx Park, brick work has started on the locker-room/training facility on the first base side and the steel is going up for the pressbox addition to the grand-stand.

Thanks to Andrew Vandeventer and Staci Superstarr for having me over to WUMR yesterday to talk about my experience as a student (13 years ago, I'm starting to feel old) and my life as "The voice of the Tigers". They are in the middle of their radio-thon that helps them raise money to benefit our campus station which carries women's basketball and baseball.

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