Brightwell's Blog - June 2, 2009

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So, I'm in the middle of moving in the University of Memphis neighborhood this week. And no, I'm not giving out my specific address, lol. This will be the last time I don't hire movers to move my stuff and the last time I paint a house by myself. But, I am glad to be living in the neighborhood.

With all that is swirling around during my move, I wanted to check in and congratulate our CUSA Baseball mates. This year we only had 3 teams in the NCAA, but we've had one of the most successful runs in the past decade. ECU and Rice hosted regionals and Southern Miss went to Atlanta. Now the big news is that all three teams won their regional championships! ECU beat South Carolina in ten innings, Rice knocked of Kansas State, and Southern Miss won their first regional championship over Georgia Tech in Golden Eagles' head coach Corky Palmers' last year.

These teams now head to the "Super Regionals", a best of three series to determine the final eight teams that go to Omaha for the College World Series. ECU faces North Carolina, Rice goes to LSU, and Southern Miss goes to Florida. Best of luck to all three teams.

By the way, even though we had only three NCAA teams this year, CUSA is still ranked 5th out of 31 baseball conferences, not bad at all.

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