Brightwell's Blog - June 25, 2009

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Hot summer isn't it? What a great day yesterday, my battery went dead on the Jeep while I was out in the middle of the day. Nothing I love better that changing a battery on a asphalt parking lot with no shade. Good thing my best friend Michael Fergie was in the area to come help out.

Coach McFerrin's staff is busy with camp right now. I've been over at the Elma Roane Field House a few times and they look really busy. Speaking of Coach McFerrin, I see where she is now Twittering, . I guess when my broadcast season starts up this fall, I'm going to have to start it as well. Also, don't forget, September 11th is the Fastbreak Golf Tournament at Quail Ridge.

Coach Rock and the baseball program will host their Labor Day Showcase in September, details are here. .

Living in the University neighborhood affords me the opportunity to swing by FedEx Park regularly, it's pretty neat seeing the daily progress over there.

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