Brightwell's Blog - August 25, 2009

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Fall sports are definitly cranking up. Congrats to Brooks Monaghan and the women's soccer team on their 2-0 win Friday at #25 LSU, that win helped propel them into the 25th spot this week. The Lady Tiger host UALR Friday at 7pm.

Richie Grant's Tiger Soccer club shut-out CBU 3-0 Sunday and will host #21 St. Louis tommorrow night at Echles Field. Pretty fun getting to go back out to Echles to watch games and they've drawn good crowds out there as well.

You can get a sneak peak at Volleyball tomorrow in the Blue/Grey scrimmage at 7:00 at the Elma Roane Fieldhouse.

We taped our first All-Access Shows this morning with both soccer coaches as well as volleyball. They should be up on the team home-pages this afternoon.

Hard to believe that I'm starting my 7th year back at the University. A final fact, I turned 37 last week which means that from now on, any incoming freshman on a team I call games for was born the year, or after, I graduated Harding Academy....I'm now starting to feel old.

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