Brightwell's Blog - September 30, 2009

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As promised on Monday, here are the final stats for our players that went to NCAA Sanctioned Wood-bat leagues this summer. We'll try and get Coach Rock and Coach Thees on All Access the next few weeks to take a look at fall practice.

Brach Davis, North Adams Steeple Cats NECBL 4-2, 1.53era, 53ip, 66k's, WP IN NECBL ALL STAR GAME/TEAM NECBL

Ryan Fraser, North Adams Steeple Cats NECBL 3-2, 1sv, 3.86era, 28ip, 34k's

Drew Martinez, Luray Wranglers, Valley League, .283, 37-37sb/0-0, 4.91era, 2g, 3.2ip, 2k's, VL NORTH ALL STAR MVP

Jacob Wilson, Luray Wranglers, Valley League, .289, 2hr, 19rbi, 6-8sb/ 0-0, 4g, 4ip, 0.00era, 1k

Brandon Showmar, Luray Wranglers, Valley League, 1-3, 6.86era, 21ip, 15k's

Adam McClain, Madison Mallards, Northwoods League, .250, 7hr, 30rbi, 3sb

Heith Hatfield, Woodstock Riverbandits, Valley League, 2-4, 2.35era, 46ip, 45k's/8g, .000, 2bb, VL North All Star

Shawn Ablett, Woodstock Riverbandits, Valley League, .253, 2hr, 23rbi, 5sb

Alan Mathis, Hamilton Joe's Baseball Club, Great Lakes, .296, 0hr, 8rbi, 19g

Robby Graham, Bravos Valley Bombers, Texas League, .241, 1hr, 9rbi, 2sb

Michael Wills, Union City Greyhounds, KIT, 6-3, 2.73era, 68.1ip, 47k's ALL STAR

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