Brightwell's Blog - October 27, 2009

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I'm sitting upstairs on a rainy Tuesday afternoon so I thought I'd check in. A few hours away from our broadcast of the football game against ECU. As the producer/engineer for a majority of football and men's basketball broadcast, you may ask what I do. Well here's my day today and what it entails.

1:30, arrive at Liberty Bowl.

1:40, set up our table outside the radio booth to put our gear on.

1:45, Begin set up our mixer and phone units, connect headsets, crowd and ref mics, mini disc players for highlights and interviews.

2:00, Set up and connect our wireless equipment for sideline reporter Matt Dillon.

2:10, Hook up our locker-room connection upstairs for post-game.

2:20, Go down to the field level and test our wireless equipment.

2:30, Hook up our locker-room mic and headset and then test it out.

2:45, Set up our monitor in the pressbox radio booth.

3:00, Tape everything down so nobody trips on a wire and takes us off the air.

3:30, Call our flagship station of the network, WREC 600am, on both our ISDN and standard phone line units.

4:00, Talk with studio to make sure they can hear me and I can hear them.

4:45, Set up a mini-disc for Dave Woloshin to grab a pregame interview with coach West.

5:00, We go on-air with Forrest and Matt for pregame.

6:00, Dave Woloshin and Chris Powers begin their hour of the pregame show.

7:00, Kick-off, I am responsible for adjusting sound of Dave and Chris as well as ref and crowd mics. I also feed Dave all our Break Cards as well as all the sponsor reads he has. I also record a majority of our highlights for the Budweiser radio rewind.

App 10:00, game ends, Forrest begins post-game show while I monitor our mixer and wait for Dave to alert me when he has a player or coach for their interviews.

10:20, once Dave is done, I go to the field and grab our locker-room equipment and then head back upstairs.

12:00, Post game call-in will be done, I pack our 70-pound case up with all our equipment. Grab our monitor, our table, and computer back and leave.

Long and busy day, but I'm thankful my career involves me getting paid to go to games for my Alma-Mater!

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