Women's Basketball Blog #61 -- Freshman Janeta Reeves

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Hey Tigers Fans!  Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Janeta Reeves. I am #12 for the Memphis Tigers and the newest addition to the team! I walked on and officially became a Tiger in October of 2009. This has been the greatest and most challenging experience of my life.  These are my thoughts, the thoughts of a walk on.


  First off, I would not even be on this team if it had not been for my teammates. These Tigers are truly people that care and want people to do their best.  They turned my struggle to catch up into their struggle and I can't thank them enough for that. My teammates answered every question I had, showed me the correct way to do things, and went out of their way to make me feel like a part of the team. They have done this since my first day of tryouts.  But don't let their niceness off the court fool you, every day in practice we go to battle and every game is a war!

            The transition from high school to college is incredible. Getting in shape is the hardest part. Man, what a difference the sizes in courts make when you are trying to make a sprint!  I took High School gyms for granted.  The Fieldhouse gym floor sometimes feels like a football field and the FedExForum court seems even bigger!!! 

The second hardest thing for me, was trying to understand what the coaches and other players were talking about.  It seemed like everyone was speaking a different language when I entered practice, "jam", "flex", "squeeze".  I would like to put 'basketball' down as my second language on surveys as I am becoming bilingual (haha).  The basic things in practice seemed so complicated, and there was little time for mistakes.  But time has passed and the basics are just that, the basics. Conference is beginning and I am very excited for it to begin. Come support your Tigers as we become "the Class of Conference USA!"

I'm out. 

# 12 J

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