2010 Softball Blog #1 -- Junior Heather Mott

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The time has finally come! We are ready to kick off the 2010 season with a few victories in Shreveport, La. All the hard work, long practices, sweat, pain and fatigue will all pay off as we start our journey to a Conference USA Championship.

The first road trip of the year always brings excitement. It seems like the moment you walk on the bus it hits you.....It's Game Time! There may be snow all around us and freezing temperatures, but we are bringing the heat this weekend! Haha, OK I admit that was a little corny, but we all know it's the truth! : ) We are making the best out of this unfortunate weather, however.


A quick restroom stop proved to be a perfect opportunity to get a quick snow ball fight in. And then another quick one after dinner on the way back to the bus. Even Coach Ashley got in on the action this time!


We have almost arrived in Shreveport...I hope. We actually just made a few left turns and went through a random neighborhood, so it still might be awhile! The freeways are closed, so we are having to alter our route.


When we do arrive, however, we will get our room assignments and prepare ourselves to beat Wichita State at 2:00 tomorrow! Go Tigers!


Heather Mott #10

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