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Hokay so....this is Nicole and Kailey.  This is how our weekend went.  We played some games, Lauren got NAILED in the face, and Heather Mott lost a tooth.  If you would like to learn more, keep reading.

Jeff Brightwell Blog #68

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I hope I see all of you tonight at the Elma Roane Fieldhouse for the opening round of the WBI, when our Women's Basketball team host UMKC at 7:00. We need all the fans we can get, this is UMKC's first ever post-season appearance so let's give them a packed house! This will be our first post-season appearance since the 2004 WNIT, I know our team is looking forward to this opportunity. 

Brightwell's Blog #68

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Congrats to Melissa McFerrin and her Tigers! Women's Basketball finished in a tie for second place, our highest finish in a decade and a great jump from last year's ninth-place finish. It's been amazing what has been accomplished in less than two seasons. Now, it's off to the GMC Sierra Conference USA tournament in Tulsa next week. The Tigers are the #4 seed and will face either 5th seeded ECU or 12th seeded Southern Miss on Tuesday at 2:30.

2010 Softball Blog #5 -- Junior Kim Sirman

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Hey Tiger fans!! This is Kim Sirman and I volunteered to write our softball blog for this weekend! Well things started off a little rough for me the morning we had to get up to head to the airport at 6 a.m. for our tournament! Turns out my alarm didn't go off, and I woke up to a call from Janelle asking where I was because the bus was about to leave! Well, I jumped out of bed, grabbed my things and ran to my car because I had to meet them at the airport so I wouldn't miss the flight, and thankfully I made it in time! The girls joked and made fun of me for a while, and now they know to call me to make sure I'm up next time, but I was just glad to have made it there and ready for what seemed to be an already interesting weekend.
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