2010 Softball Blog #5 -- Junior Kim Sirman

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Hey Tiger fans!! This is Kim Sirman and I volunteered to write our softball blog for this weekend! Well things started off a little rough for me the morning we had to get up to head to the airport at 6 a.m. for our tournament! Turns out my alarm didn't go off, and I woke up to a call from Janelle asking where I was because the bus was about to leave! Well, I jumped out of bed, grabbed my things and ran to my car because I had to meet them at the airport so I wouldn't miss the flight, and thankfully I made it in time! The girls joked and made fun of me for a while, and now they know to call me to make sure I'm up next time, but I was just glad to have made it there and ready for what seemed to be an already interesting weekend.

Well it turned out that the weekend was a little bit of a disappointment because we were only able to play two of the five games scheduled due to the weather. We had a pretty good game against Drexel winning by Leigh's walk off home run in the seventh inning which was really exciting! But in our second game against North Dakota State, we fell a little short and couldn't get the hits we wanted when we needed them. Then the rain hit us on Saturday, and a bunch of the girls were worried about the recent earthquake in Chile that was supposed to cause a tsunami along the California coasts, but luckily we were all okay!

Yet even though we had troubles with the weather we were all excited to go shopping in downtown Santa Barbara for a few hours since our games were cancelled. The bus took us to a long strip of shops, and we all split up to see what we could find. All of us really loved this one place called Pinkberry, where they have delicious frozen yogurt and unlimited amount of toppings to put on top! I think we went there at least three times... and also some of the girls went to go see the movie Shutter Island during their time which I heard was really good! I have to see that movie when I get back to Memphis.

Then today we were supposed to play two games but due to all the rain the day before, the fields were in horrible condition. All of the coaches agreed that playing on that field wouldn't be safe, especially for the outfielders! Even though I was bummed that we couldn't play, I knew I didn't want to risk getting hurt playing in a huge mud pit in centerfield! So instead we went back to the hotel, put on some running clothes and shoes, and took off for a 3.5 mile run! That run was tough with all of the hills California has, but the view was beautiful alongside the beach!

Afterwards, all the girls ran to the water to get their feet wet and cool down from our run...but it ended up turning into a water fight! Leigh and Nikki were successfully able push Coach Ashley into the water and Ashley struck back by tackling Leigh to the sand and getting her all muddy, it was hilarious! After all the fun at the beach we showered up, checked out and headed back to the shops for another hour of shopping before we headed to the airport.



After we got off the bus Nikki, Maddie, and I noticed this man on the street with a box of snakes and we ran over asking to hold them! So he put them on our shoulders and we pet and took pictures with them! But my snake kept sliding next to my face up to my ear and on my head, and it was kind of scaring me since I didn't know what it was going to do...but we all made it out alive! I'll attach some pictures for you guys to see.

Then Alyssa and I ran as fast as we could to shop for an hour which wasn't much time for us, but we still found a way to do more damage to our bank accounts...haha. Also, we barely made it back to the bus on time because we had to stop at Pinkberry one last time before we headed to the airport!

After all of that, I would have to say that it was one long and eventful trip to Santa Barbara, but I think we made the best of it! The girls and I really shared some fun times on this trip, and I'm glad we didn't waste any time together! And the best part, we get to do it all over again in three days when we leave for Florida! Thanks everyone for reading my blog and I hope to write to you guys again soon!

Kim Sirman #6

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