2010 Softball Blog #6 -- Junior Kailey Kassner and Sophomore Nikki Moreno

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Hokay so....this is Nicole and Kailey.  This is how our weekend went.  We played some games, Lauren got NAILED in the face, and Heather Mott lost a tooth.  If you would like to learn more, keep reading.

We started off, well Nikki started off kind of late, with her alarm going off at 8:35 am and our bus leaving at 9 am, she was just a little bit rushed with still having to pack. Although, she made it on time to the bus but soon realized that she had only packed softball clothes for an eleven day trip, that included beach time and baseball games. HAHA! Back to the trip.  The team started off with a short flight to Atlanta and then another hour flight to Orlando.  We then boarded a bus with the absolute worst transmission made to bus kind.  Stop Go Stop Go Stop Go! That's how our two hour trip to Tampa went.  Then we went to one of the BEST Italian restaurants, the food was DELICIOUS!! Then we were off to bed to get ready and focus up for our first game against Rutgers.

Rutgers was a decent team and it was 0-0 going into the 8th inning. It was a tie breaker situation and Heather Mott got on, Lani then bunted her over to 2nd and Maddie hit her in. Although after we scored, Rutgers had a runner on third and a ball was hit to Alyssa when we threw home but the runner was called safe. After that, Rutgers was able to load the bases and with a hit up the middle, they beat us 2-1.  Although we lost, Vanessa threw a great game and the defense held tough, but offensively we weren't all there. 

Immediately following the Rutgers game, we faced Jacksonville University.  In the first inning the Dolphins scored three unanswered runs.  It wasn't until the second inning that our bats came to life and we were able to beat Jacksonville 8-3 which included a three-run home run by Keanah. Carly threw this game and during it she noticed that the plate felt awfully far from the pitching mound, and when she told Coach Thees, Coach walked it off and both pitchers had been throwing from 50 feet.  In college, pitchers throw from 43 feet, and in between our Rutgers game and this game, the grounds crew had taken up the mound to drag the field, and they had put the pitching rubber back on the wrong mound!

After our long day of playing we had a quick dinner and then headed back to the hotel.  The next morning we had an early game against Loyola of Chicago, and I, Kailey, was very excited to play them because there were three girls on the Loyola team that I played travel ball with for a long time.  This is the game where our weekend got pretty interesting.  Lani led us off with a double and Leigh and Maddie were able to move her to 3rd and then score her.  This made the score 1-1 and Lauren was throwing a great game for us, until one of the biggest girls I have ever seen, next to me of course, came up to bat and ripped a line drive right back at Lauren's forehead...literally.  Lauren's head immediately had a huge bump and was black and blue.  After that Carly came in to finish the game and we beat Loyola 2-1. AND because we beat Loyola, my Dad is sending the whole team the BEST Chicago-style deep dish pizza. : )

Our next game was against Fordham, who had a great pitcher.  Fordham scored two on a dropped fly ball and were up the entire game.  Leigh had a solo homer that was our only run of the game. We lost 2-1. Unfortunately during this game, a runner was attempting to steal second base and collided with Heather Mott.  The runner was called out, but she knocked out Heather's front tooth and gave her a concussion.  Heather is now okay, and had her tooth fixed, although she wasn't able to play for a couple days due to her concussion. : (

On Sunday we played Virgina Tech and beat them 2-0 which included another home run by Leigh that scored two runs.  We were really pumped about this win!! After the game we got to go to the beach and hang out.  Nikki, Vanessa and I laid out and then, they buried me in the sand...

Yesterday we got up early and had a good workout with our trainer Jess and then went to the Yankees' vs. Phillies' game.  Our seats were right behind home plate and Leigh, Alyssa and Lil' Kim worked their magic and were able to get down by the dugout for pictures, although they were soon kicked out! HAHA!! The game was a lot of fun, and when we left the Yankees were up.  After the game we went to dinner and then had cake to celebrate Leigh's 22nd birthday!!

We are currently on our way to Jacksonville, Florida for our double header against the University of Northern Florida tomorrow.   Make sure to check out our games on game tracker!!

Peace and Love



Kailey and Nikki : )

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