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2010 Softball Blog #7 -- Junior Heather Mott

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Over half way done with the season, and our goal hasn't change. It's at this point in the season when the fatigue starts to set in and the true competitor comes out. The team that keeps pushing and perseveres will be titled, "Champion".  This team is a team of champions; now we got to prove it!

Hey Tiger Fans Its Me Ms.Taylor

I just wanted to update everyone on my progress with my knee injury. If you didn't know before I went down in practice the day before our first game in the WBI tournament. I partially tore my patellar tendon in my right knee.

Jeff Brightwell's Blog # 69

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Baseball is just over half-way through the season and despite a slow start, is currently tied for first place in CUSA. Memphis got their first ever series win over Rice two weeks ago followed by a big road series win at Marshall last week.
Hey Tiger fans. Sorry we've had a gap in blog entries as of late, but with the semester winding down, the student-athletes are getting busy with class projects and prepping for exams, which start at the end of this month if you can believe it.<p>
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