2010 Softball Blog #7 -- Junior Heather Mott

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Over half way done with the season, and our goal hasn't change. It's at this point in the season when the fatigue starts to set in and the true competitor comes out. The team that keeps pushing and perseveres will be titled, "Champion".  This team is a team of champions; now we got to prove it!

Getting swept is never fun. In fact, it's probably the worse feeling an athlete can feel. However, the funny thing is it's amazing how getting swept can bring so much motivation to a team. We owe Houston a pay back...BIG TIME! There is a good chance we will face them again in the conference tournament, and I have a feeling they will be facing a different team then what they saw this weekend.

All season long we have been doing a great job of taking positive things from games, working on the things we need to work on and keep pushing forward. This is no different. Although our bats were in hibernation this weekend, both Maddie and Lani picked up multiple hits on the weekend. Maddie had a home run and Lani had a double.

The trip to Houston was a special one for two girls. Kim and Lauren got to play in front of their home town, which is always fun for any player. Kim's family had everyone over to their house Friday night. They catered the best Mexican food I have ever had in my life, Pappasito's (I'm sure I just butchered that spelling..ha!).

After we ate we all migrated upstairs to play Just Dance on her Wii. It was a lot of fun. Morgan Mosby was definitely the highlight of the night. The game resulted in everyone just wanting Morgan to keep "dancing"! The night was full of lots of smiles and lots of laughs! : )

On Saturday night, Lauren's family brought Italian food to the hotel for us. Once again, the food was amazing! I want to say thank you again to the Sirman's and Carley's for all that you did for us while we were in Houston. It is greatly appreciated!

Full week ahead of us. We have four mid week games this week; two against Alabama State and two against Middle Tennessee State.  Then we take on Southern Mississippi this weekend. Best thing about this week....we are on our home turf! That means seven straight wins! We are looking to use the Houston series to light a fire in us and motivate us to mow these teams down this week!

The best thing about playing a sport is even after a defeat, the scoreboard says 0-0 the next day. A new week and a new time to shine! Go Tigers!

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