Women's Basketball Blog #64 - Assistant SID Tammy DeGroff

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Hey Tiger fans. Sorry we've had a gap in blog entries as of late, but with the semester winding down, the student-athletes are getting busy with class projects and prepping for exams, which start at the end of this month if you can believe it.<p>
I had the opportunity last night to have dinner with Brittany Carter, Jasmine Lee and Taylor Mumphrey as part of a class project for them. Working with our Life Skills Coordinator, Gail Lee, the class prepares our student-athletes for life after college, including resumes, interview skills, networking sessions, and last night's project -- business dinners. <p>

We all learned a lot about the proper way to handle ourselves at a formal business dinner. Each member of the class was to invite a guest to bring to the dinner. Jasmine invited me, our women's basketball trainer Rosalyn Sims was also there, as well the women's basketball academic coordinator Kristin Henke. The guests were invited because each member of the class was to collect three business cards from the guests to give them some experience in networking.
It was a really good idea and would have been better had I managed to bring some of my business cards with me! Sadly, I downsized to a small purse for the night and didn't grab any cards, so I failed my part of the homework project! But kudos to our Tigers for preparing themselves for a life after college and thanks again to all the other guests who came (and were better prepared than I was and had business cards!). <P>
But thanks again to Jasmine for the invitation. I learned a lot and had fun spending some time with my players outside of an interview or team situation.

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