Women's Basketball Blog #66 -- Asst. SID Tammy DeGroff

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Another semester and year is officially in the books. I saw a majority of the team swing by the office this week while dropping off their book receipts. Tomorrow, seniors LaToya Bullard and Tehani Goldsmith are on the list for graduation ceremonies.
I loaded a little photo gallery for our Class of 2010 players. You can look at it here.

Coach McFerrin's camp season is coming up soon as well with four different camps in June. You can check out her camps at her website at

A few new technology things are rolling out now and then over the course of the summer. On the pages for baseball, softball and women's basketball, you'll notice in each of the releases is a little preview of the current blogs for those respective sports. That will be an easy way for you all to see what we have coming up.

The second thing (and the much bigger, summer-engulfing project) will be the new way we are handling information that used to be distributed in media guides. You may or may not have read that the NCAA banned distributing printed media guides to recruits and their coaches and families, that means that we are really moving toward a more digital platform with that information. The fall sports will see the first roll-outs, but we are looking at creating a "Memphis Experience" website with some video that will help everyone get a feel for all things Memphis Tigers, including behind the scenes tours and coaches interviews.

But we will still have a printed piece that we distribute to media and that will be for sale to fans. The exact format of that piece has changed a couple of times in the last 2 days, so I won't get too specific for fear that it'll change before you all get a chance to read this. But check back periodically....I think this project will an exciting end project (a ton of work to get there though!).

You may have also seen a little blurb in Friday's Commercial Appeal about Ramses Lonlack. AQ is heading back to Cameroon for a few weeks and has been invited to her national team's camp for a tournament coming up in late May and early June. I'll have a story on our website as soon as I get some final information, and AQ said she would maybe write a blog for us before she left, but since she leaves Sunday, I think she might be a little busy! Either way, I'll keep you posted. It's just taking a little longer to pull this information together because the website AQ gave me to look at is in French. My high school and two semesters of college French are getting quite a workout and thank goodness for Yahoo! Babel Fish.

Another release that will hopefully come out shortly (although you may have seen the Commercial Appeal article) is that the University of Memphis has extended Coach McFerrin's contract two years, meaning she is under contract through 2014-2015. We haven't done the official release because they are still dotting i's and crossing t's, but when that's all cleared, we'll do the official write-up. Have a good weekend and I will check back in next week with AQ's release.


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