Women'sBasketball Blog #67 -- Asst. SID Tammy DeGroff

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Good morning/afternoon/evening Tiger Fans!

Just a couple of housekeeping things right now and then obviously we are expecting news of the conference tournament's location in the next few hours (or next few days if it's not released until it's official through the University Presidents).

The Elma Roane Fieldhouse is undergoing to pretty major renovations, but for fans, it's all in areas you don't get to see. The basketball and volleyball locker rooms, the two storage areas, the lounge and the coaches' meeting area are all literally gone and it's one big open area right now. The renovation will bring everything from a new bathroom for the players, to brand new locker rooms for volleyball and basketball, a new officials' locker room downstairs, a new lounge and (hopefully for our media) a better interview area (you can only do so many interviews standing in front of a wood door).

As a media staff, we are learning some new tricks this summer. We've purchased a flip cam and have created a University of Memphis You Tube page. We're still learning, but you can see our efforts if you search for SIDMemphis on You Tube (or here).  It's heavy on track and softball highlights right now because that was where we sent the cameras last weekend, but that will open up the opportunity for some fun, off-the-cuff stuff next season with women's basketball as well.

We will likely be a much more video heavy department next year (so there's a warning if you need to Tim Taylor-up your computer's RAM to watch videos), largely due to the NCAA rule banning the sending of media guides to recruits. We are replacing a lot of that content with online videos and a virtual guide. For those of you who prefer a printed guide, the plan right now is to use something called on-demand printing, where you'd be able to order a copy of the printed guide, it would just not print the embedded videos that will be on the virtual guide online. It was a struggle to find a solution that made everyone happy that was still within our print budget, but I think we found one. We now need to get contracts figured out and bid it to the companies who will want to help us get the products we want as we want them to appear -- lots of red tape working at a state school!

One other housekeeping issue, Jasmine Lee will wear No. 3 next year. She wasn't able to get that number this year because Christine Lesane had it, but with Moo Moo transferring to a JUCO, the No. 3 became available, and since Jasmine was a returning player, she got first crack at it over the newcomers. I know you didn't get to see Jasmine in uniform this year, but just an fyi...we did have her listed in the No. 1 earlier.

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