Women's Basketball Blog #68 -- Asst. SID Tammy DeGroff

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Good day everyone,

I hope you all had a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend. I know the extra day off gave those of us in athletics a nice break and a chance to catch our breath before the first summer session of school ends later this week.

Thursday will be the final day of classes for the first summer session, with exams on Friday, and then this weekend, a handful of the women's basketball players will roll back in to town, some to start working Melissa McFerrin Hoops School camps, and others to start the full summer session, which begins on the 7th and ends on Aug. 13th. It's always fun to have the team back --- well, fun for me. I believe they have early morning workouts during the summer with Coach Stark in the weight room, so maybe not so much fun for them!

One piece of news to expand on from the C-USA meetings is that C-USA women's basketball is going away from the travel partner format (strangely, the same year as the men's side goes to a something similar to a travel-partner format). That means no more Thur/Sat or Fri/Sun either all at home or all on the road. Our schedule now will be similar to what our men's schedule has been in the past where we go play or host a team on a Thursday, then could return back to campus or hit the road for a Sunday game. That will possibly mean another day of rest in between, but as usual, once TV schedules get involved, that could throw things off a bit. I know when we bumped in to UAB in the Houston airport after we had played at Houston and they had played at Rice, the UAB head coach had mentioned that she didn't like the travel partner format and wished it would change. With a couple of new coaches in the league this year (East Carolina, Houston), I guess we will mix it up and see how the schedule looks this year.

Rumor has it that we will open our 2010-2011 (wow, seems weird to type that) season at home on Nov. 12th. I think the men's team has a home game scheduled that same day, so it might be another double-header at FedExForum since we can't staff both venues with games at the exact same time (!). I'll let you know when I hear more about our schedule. I typically wait until the calendar flips to June before I start harassing Coach Schneider about the schedule, so I guess I'll go start that process now!

Take care, see you soon.

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