Brightwell's Blog No. 2 (2010-2011)

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It's been a long hot summer and school is quickly approaching. Summer baseball in the collegiate wood-bat leagues is wrapping up so here's an update on how our guys are doing.

Drew Martinez, Brewster Whitecaps, Cape Cod. East All-Star, .359, 1hr, 18rbi
Adam McClain, Wareham Gatemen, Cape Cod. .213,2-2b,5rbi
Chris Castillo, Ashboro Copperheads, Coastal Plains .155, 1hr, 6rbi
Heath Hatfield, Ashboro Copperheads, Coastal Plains 3-2, 1.05era, 42.2ip, 35k's.
Michael Wills, Ashboro Copperheads, Coastal Plains 2-3, 2.95era, 36.2ip, 20k's
Jacob Wilson, Ashboro Copperheads, Coastal Plains .284, 7hr, 25rbi, 11sb.
Chase Joiner, Mankato Moondogs, Northwoods. 0-1, 5.40era, 11.2ip, 16k's
Dan Langfield, Lacrosse Loggers, Northwoods. 4-0, 2.91era, 46.1ip, 50ks
Eli Hynes, Lacrosse Loggers, Northwoods. .171, 3hr, 19rbi
Tyler Farley, Lacrosse Loggers, Northwoods. 2-6, 6.89era, 48.1ip, 21k's
Derrick Thomas, Lacrosse Loggers, Northwoods. .175, 1-2b, 3rbi, 4sb
Robby Graham, Luray Wranglers,Valley League. .184, 3-2b, 5rbi
Brandon Showmar, Luray Wranglers, Valley League.0-1, 10.57era, 7.2ip, 4k's
Ben Paullus, Woodstock Riverbandits, Valley League. 2-4, 7.54era, 37ip, 40k's
J.D. Wallace, Winchester Royals, Valley League. .282, 2hr, 6rbi

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