Jeff Brightwell's Blog -- 2010-2011 #6

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Our first football broadcast of the season for the Memphis Radio Network is in the books after Saturday's game in Starkville, MS. Even though we didn't win, the broadcast went well. If you have ever wondered what went into my broadcast day, here's a recap of my day Saturday.

9:00 Leave Memphis .

11:45 Arrive at Stadium at Mississippi State.

11:50 Unload our 50 pound box of broadcast gear.

12:00 In our radio booth in the press box.

12:05 Begin set-up of the booth, which includes ISDN and Analogue phone unit, master mixer, headphone amp, headsets, crowd mic, ref mic, and lines to the locker-room.

12:40 In the home locker-room to hook up our lines for post-game interviews.

1:00 Back in the press box.

1:00 Organize Cue Cards and live reads for broadcast.

1:10 Now I have a little free time, so it's off to watch some of the other games on TV.

2:00 Connect with the flagship station of the Memphis Radio Network, WREC.

2:05 We are connected with no prolems, so back to watching some other games.

2:30 Analyst Chris Powers arrives and begins his final preperations for broadcast.

3:00 Chris and I get to visit with the legendary voice of MSU, Jack Cristal.

3:30 Dave Woloshin arrives and sets his charts up for the broadcast.

3:35 Time to grab a quick meal in the press box before pregame show.

3:45 Stat person and Spotter arrive to go over pregame prep.

4:00 We're on the air for the first game of the season.

6:00 Kick-off: During game I am responsible for Audio levels, all cue cards/live reads, ref and crowd mics.

App 9:15 game is over and Dave and Chris head to the locker-room while I wait in the radio booth to hear from them.

9:25 I hear from Dave in the locker room and everything is working.

9:30 Coach Porter and Players now come on for post-game interviews.

9:45 Dave and Chris wrap it up and we send it back to Forrest and Matt for the post-game call-in show.

9:45 Now I pack everything in the booth up, takes about 10 minutes to get it in our equipment case as fast as possible.

9:55 Wait for elevator to go to the ground floor.

10:05 Meet Dave and Chris on ground floor, they have the locker room gear.

10:15 At my Automobile in the media lot, load, and leave Starkville.

1:00 Back home in Memphis !

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