Women's Soccer Blog #3 - Elise Kuhar-Pitters

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Well, here it is. The third blog and we have made it out of yet another preseason! It was hard, but we came together as a team and found a way to get through it. It's September now and the next challenge is to balance our rigorous class schedules on top of practice. Coming from two-a-days, where all we did was eat, sleep and play soccer, to now sitting in class then going to practice is a difficult transition at first; especially if you have an 8 o`clock like I do :(. However, like all things, we find a way to manage and make it work.

I must admit, being a student-athlete is kind of a charmed life at times. We get spoiled from time to time and I got to say I love it! Towards the end of preseason we met at the bookstore and picked up are books which were already packaged for us. Let me tell you, it beats trying to fight through a group of people to do all that yourself, so thanks to Ms. Ronnie, we can get in and out quickly. The next step in preparation for the first day of classes is to find out what time you have class and in what building. It's funny; you can always tell who is new to campus because they are always the people who have their class schedules out and a map to find which building they are in :).

After the first week or two, you start to develop a rhythm. For example, you figure out how long it takes you to get from one class to another, so you might get an extra five minutes of sleep in the morning. You figure out if you have time to stop and get food somewhere and if you have time to take a nap after class before practice. To some, this lifestyle might seem difficult, but we got it down pat and thanks to the help of CAAS, things are that much easier. Personally, the hardest part of juggling school and soccer are when we go out of town for games. It takes a lot of organization to make sure any assignments that are due when I'm gone are turned in prior to my absence. It also takes good communication with my professors, so I can make up any missed work or tests. Other than that managing, school and soccer is relatively simple...especially when I'm only on campus two days a week :). How my schedule allows this, I don't know, but I'm not complaining.

I have mixed emotions about this year, however, since I will be graduating in May. I'm happy, yet scared to see what will happen. I feel like time has flown so quickly from when I was a freshman till now. It seems like it was just yesterday when the high school class of 2007 first met in Wilder Tower; all 14 of us. Now some of us are graduating or have graduated already and it's crazy that I'm at this point in my life. For me, high school was ok. I really wasn't crazy about going to school, but who is at the age? Now, I actually enjoy school. It's weird to think that those words would ever come out of my mouth, but it's true! And now that it's almost over, I need to think of what the next step is going to be. I still have my 5th year of eligibility, so I will start grad school classes and then go from there I guess...wish me luck! :)

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For Vendula and Aja Strnadova:
Ahoj moje sikovny holky. Jsem zvedava, jestli k Vam muze dorazit tahle zprava, tak to zkousim. Snazim se sledovat Vase vykony a z toho, co dokazu z textu pochopit, jste UZASNY!!!!! Skoda, ze se na Vas nemuzu priletet podivat a uzit si nejaky Vas zapas. Jsem na Vas pysna! Pozdravujte nejstarsiho sprta, Verunku. Vlastne nejstarsi sprt je ted vlastne mama, ne?
Zdravim Vas za Ancu a za Mateje!

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