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Jeff Brightwell's Blog -- 2010-2011 #7

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Things are about to get real busy with basketball/football overlap quickly approaching. Hope to see everyone this week at homecoming activities.

For the third straight year, I'll be the emcee for the M-Club Hall of Fame Banquet on Friday at the Holiday Inn on campus. Thanks to Frank Fletcher for asking me to do this again.

Women's Soccer Blog #7 - Tarah Kerr

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Our last home weekend has come and gone. Can regular season really be ending this Thursday? This week at practice had its ups and downs. We ran "Denvers" on Tuesday, worked on offense on Wednesday, and came together Thursday for walk through and corners. This season has been unpredictable in regards to where teams have been in the standings. Teams like Houston and Rice, who didn't make the tournament last year, were atop the standings for a good portion of the season. As a team, we knew what was on the line this weekend and what winning both games could do for us.

Women's Soccer Blog #6 - Christie Kline

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So far, this season has, for the most part, tested every single person's character. We have been through some tremendous highs and lows. Great wins, tough losses, and a couple of heartbreaking ties. But through it all, we have become stronger players, teammates, and people. We have learned that we are going to face adversity, but it's how we deal with it that makes us better and shows true character.

Women's Soccer Blog #5 - Tara Telford

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Well here we are, already on the 5th Women's Soccer Blog, which leads me to wonder, where has all this time gone? Although time is technically a constant, I don't really believe that to be true. When you're up one goal in a game, time always decides to slow down and the last 5 minutes seems to drag on forever. When you're out on the field playing the game you love, time seems to speed up, and 90 minutes sometimes just flies by. The latter of the two is where I am at right now. I am currently a Junior in college, which means after this year I only have one year left of my degree, and my college soccer career. It feels like just yesterday that I was living in Rawl's Hall, and was a "youngster" on the Memphis soccer team. Not only is my time in college flying by, but my Junior season is as well. As of right now, we have played 74% of our regular season, with only five games left until conference tournament. Five games? Seriously? Once again, time decided to change its pace and make this season fly by. We've experienced so much this season, and despite adversity, we've made it this far. Through screaming SLU crowds, to altitude changes in Colorado, to "Bomb" celebrations (no pun intended) against LSU, this season has seen a rollercoaster of events. Over the past week, we've continued to hit our highs and our lows, and our rollercoaster ride has not yet ceased.

Women's Soccer Blog #4 - Laura Laufenberg

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Happy October, everyone! The leaves are changing, temperatures are FINALLY dropping, and the season is already halfway done. The past couple weeks have been filled with hard work, high altitude, a huge win, Memphis football, a tough loss, airport delays, team meetings, a gut-wrenching tie, family, and a much needed W to put us back in the right direction.

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