Women's Soccer Blog #6 - Christie Kline

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So far, this season has, for the most part, tested every single person's character. We have been through some tremendous highs and lows. Great wins, tough losses, and a couple of heartbreaking ties. But through it all, we have become stronger players, teammates, and people. We have learned that we are going to face adversity, but it's how we deal with it that makes us better and shows true character.

This past week has been one of a kind. We started it off by battling each other in kick ball on Tuesday at practice. Freshmen and Juniors went up against the Sophomores and Seniors. It was definitely a sight to see, and it was a good way to start the week off with some laughter, fun, and face paint. The "Semores" ended up winning of course. Wednesday's practice presented us with another battle against each other, but this time it was a scrimmage, and a time to show coach our absolute best.

Thursday morning we hit the road for Tulsa, and were ready to play come Friday night. We all knew that even though Tulsa didn't have the best record, they could have won a lot of the games they had lost, so we knew we had to come out playing well. With an early goal to put us in the lead at halftime, we knew we had to pick up our game in the second half and work for that next goal. Unfortunately, we were unable to finish our chances, and Tulsa ended up finishing one of theirs in the 87th minute. The outcome ended up being a draw 1-1 after two scoreless overtimes. We learned that lack of discipline to finish our chances, and lack of focus to play smart and play the ball to the corners in the last five minutes of the game can come back and really hurt you.

After Friday night's gut-wrenching result, we were all fired up and excited to come out and play SMU in Dallas on Sunday afternoon. Playing with discipline, focus, heart, and talent earned us a 3-0 win over SMU. It wasn't just one of those four elements that got us that victory, it was the combination of all four. The feeling we had inside us after the game was one that was unexplainable. We had done it. We bounced back from Friday night's game and had come together for a win that was much-needed.

Next weekend, we play Rice and Houston at Mike Rose Stadium. The outcome of our regular season is literally in our hands. So, what are we going to do? I know the amount of love I have for this team and program is enormous, and I'm going to do whatever it takes to fight as hard as I can for two wins this coming weekend. With a solid week of practice and the heart I know we will have and will show, I believe the Lady Tigers will come out on top, and we will prevail.

I leave you with the following quote by Coach Monaghan. "CK you're a chicken..peck the ball with your head down"

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