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Hello Tiger Fans

It is SENIOR point guard Alex Winchell here!!!

We had our first scrimmage this past weekend against Union. It was so good to finally play someone besides ourselves. The scrimmage was closed, so it was just us and the other team. It gave us a really good opportunity to get ready for our first exhibition game this Sunday, which will be open to the public. There were a lot of things offensively and defensively that the scrimmage really helped us work on and to be more prepared. My words for it are to get the game jitters out, which are important.

Union is a very athletic and well-coached NAIA team. I feel the competition was high-quality for us. It showed us where we stand and what we need to improve on before Sunday. I was very impressed with our team during the scrimmage and we did a lot of great things. It was the first time a couple people have played in a year or two and it was the first time some have ever played a college scrimmage. After the game though we discussed things we could have done better and will do better our next game.

I know the whole team and not just me are soooooo excited about the game this Sunday against Christian Brothers. We are ready to suit up in those Memphis uniforms and play ball!! The seniors have been talking and we're ready to get the season started because we want to go out with a bang and give the city of Memphis a year they won't forget in women's basketball!

I want to thank all the fans for the support and loyalty. I have been here for four years now and Memphis has the best fans! Hope to see you there Sunday!!

GO TIGERS!!!!!!!!!!!

Alex Winchell #11

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Can't wait to see you again at Tulane on Feb. 20. Hope you guys have a great season!

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