2011 Softball Blog #3 -- Senior Heather Mott

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We closed out our 4-week tournament stretch in Starkville, Mississippi in the Bulldog Classic hosted by Mississippi State. Once again, bad weather came through the area and interfered with game times. Every player enjoys the occasional PRACTICE rainout, but a GAME DAY rainout just makes you mad!

Friday and Saturday games were both canceled. We arrived to the field on Friday and started our usual warm-up routine, but had to run for cover two stretches before our warm-up was complete. A few of us entertained ourselves with a game of hacky-sac. Coach Thees and Julie got into the action but Nick wanted nothing to do with it! They canceled the game shortly after, so we loaded up the bus and headed back to the hotel. However, one positive thing that did come from the day was that Coach Thees took us to a steak house for dinner. It was Jay's (our manager) birthday so we celebrated on Coach's tab. I'm not sure what it is, but it seems like dinner always taste so much better when Coach pays!

On Saturday, we once again attempted to get our games in, but the weather was worse than it was the previous day. We actually got through our whole warm-up this time, but no such luck with playing the game. We went to plan B: 6 pm game time. Our thought was that the weather would pass over by then and we would be able to get the field playable. Again, no such luck. We arrived to a down pour of cats and dogs! Mississippi State's field is well designed with a great drainage system, but the outfield looked to have reached its limit. In an effort to keep all players injury free, the coaches decided to call off the game and hope that Sunday would bring better weather. We once again found ourselves back on the bus and back at the hotel.

Our hotel was located in West Point, Mississippi, which is probably the worst city to stay in during a rainout due to the very limited options for entertainment. Thank goodness our hotel was located right across from West Point's lone Wal-Mart and a Mossy Oak, that Jay was the most excited about!

Sunday came and the weather left...finally! We faced Texas A&M and Mississippi Valley State. The stars of the tournament were without a doubt Janelle (Valle) and Carly (Hummel) who both threw incredible games for us. Both of them broke their season high record in strikeouts. Carly dominated the Texas A&M hitters, but our hitters were not able to put a run on the board. In game two, we put the ball in play a little more and made Mississippi Valley make errors. Janelle kept their hitters off balance and never gave them a chance to score more than one run.

This week we head to the Carolina's. North Carolina is up first then we start conference play at East Carolina. I am personally extremely excited to get into conference play! It's the start of a new chapter in the season and a chance to move up in the C-USA ranks.

Go Tigers!

Heather Mott #10

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