2011 Softball Blog #5 -- Senior Heather Mott

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March 21, 2011

This week marks the half-way point of the season and a perfect time for us to start catching fire! So much of a team's success depends on their ability to peek at the right time in the season. We are starting to figure out some things with our swings and working on the adjustments we need to make to be consistently successful at the plate. Once a week, we sit down with Coach Nick on an individual basis and review film of our at bats from the previous week's games. Although I strongly dislike how slow motion has a way of revealing just about every flaw in your swing, it helps to see what you're doing wrong and gives you a focus for the upcoming week. The coaching staff has told us from day 1 that this is a process and continues to encourage us to trust the process. We continue the journey and continue to trust that the work we have put in this far will pay off in the end. I am excited to see what the second half of the season will bring!

St. Patrick's Day was this past week and we celebrated with a very GREEN St. Patrick's Day Practice. Instead of wearing our practice uniforms, Coach Thees told us to wear something green. If someone failed to do so, the punishment was to get a bucket full of tennis balls thrown at them! Fortunately, everyone showed up to practice in something green and we all escaped Coach's St. Patty's Punishment! We ended practice with a competitive game of "non-contact" football. Non-contact=healthy players! I like that! The girls who wore green t-shirts were on one team and the girls who wore green accents (hand band, ribbon, socks, etc.) were on the other. The green shirts pulled ahead early but the green accents came back at the end to take the victory. It was a fun practice, while still keeping the competitive fire!

In our first home series against Houston, we struggled on Saturday but came out Sunday ready to play. We remained a step behind Houston all day Saturday and could never catch fire to put enough runs on the board. However, one thing we did really well was turning the page from Saturday to Sunday. We knew we didn't play to the best of our ability on Saturday, so our goal for Sunday was to get our confidence back and play for pride. We didn't win the series but the adjustments we made from day 1 to day 2 were a success and showed us we can bounce back from adversity. Small bumps like this will only motivate us to become a better team.

This weekend we travel to El Paso, Texas, to take on UTEP. Everything up to this point in the season doesn't matter. The only thing that matters is what we do from here on out. We are eager to start the second half of the season with a series win over UTEP and finish out the rest of the season strong!

Go Tigers!

Heather Mott #10

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