Spring Practice #2 - March 17, 2011

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What a great day for practice today. The Tigers were out in shorts and helmets again today for their second of 15 practice sessions. It was sunny and nearly 80 degrees and the Tigers went through another two-hour workout on the turf field. A few fans came out again to watch practice, and it appeared some high school coaches and players took advantage of some time off from school for spring break to come out and watch practice. Some of the high school coaches looked to be studying the structure of the practice and drills.

Coach Larry Porter continued to talk about how he is pleased with the progress his team is making in just two days on the field.

"I thought there was improvement today," said Porter. "We are not there, by any means, but if you look at the way that the quarterbacks managed the offense, I thought they did a much better job today. Defensively, we are starting to have some discipline in our technique, and that is encouraging. Special team was even better from a footwork standpoint, and those are the things we are trying to stress."

Porter spoke briefly about some individuals today, including receivers Kevin Wright and Reggie Travis, who both redshirted last year. He also spoke of the young secondary, which including Lonnie Ballentine, Taurean Nixon and Mohammed Seisay, who all played as freshmen in 2010.

"I thought some of the young receivers looked good today and I also liked some of our young secondary guys as well, just in the competitive nature that they are showing," said Porter. "I thought that it was a step up from what I am used to seeing. And then, when you look at guys like Jordan Devey and D'Angelo McCray, you look at where they were yesterday and where they were today and it is a night and day difference. It is progress, and that is what spring is all about."

The squad will have Friday off from practice and will come back again Saturday morning at 10:30 a.m. That practice is also open to Tiger Nation. The Highland Hundred and the M Club will be grilling out on Saturday for the fans. Special thanks to former Tiger Pete Scatamacchia of Hardin's Sysco, who is providing the food Saturday.

A big Tiger congratulations goes out to Darby Dunnagan, who was named the C-USA Video Coordinator of the Year as voted on by her peers. Dunnagan has been with the athletic department since 2007. She will now be placed on the ballot for National Video Coordinator of the Year.


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Yah i heard good things from our young receivers. especailly Reggie i heard he is another Rucker. I believe the blend of youth and experinece will benefit the entrie recieving core and it feels like they are much better. Secondary wise i've said this before and i will say it again Mohammed Seisay is the best DB we have on our team. he is an An NFL caliber and watch out he is going to have a monster year. I like Nixon but i am not a coach but i would put Lonnie as safety so we can have our best athletes on the field at the sametime. I am also wondering how are line backers are doing they are extremely young just like how our secondary was for us last year so i am very curious to see how they develop

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