2011 Softball Blog #7 -- Senior Heather Mott

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One word to describe this weekend: " %#!$@&*^%$*#@%*&^$!" I think I will keep my translation to myself and let you translate any way you wish!

However, as long as we have another game left, we still have life. I can't help but to think back to last year when we knocked out Tulsa from the conference tournament after losing the regular season series to them. I know this is a new year, but it shows how quickly things can change in postseason. If we face them again in the conference tournament, the tradition will remain the same. Everything builds up to one weekend with every team playing their best hand. All games up to that point seem to fly out the window. All records reset to 0-0 and you earn every game you get. With that being said, we got pushed down and maybe a black eye this weekend, but we are jumping back up and continuing the fight.

In our postgame chat, we talked about keeping the Tulsa weekend in perspective. We talked about how we can't let the high points of our season get so high and the low points get so low that we forget about our ultimate goal. This is definitely on the low end of the spectrum, but what we take from it is what really matters. There is no point looking back and dwelling on what we did wrong but taking those things and finding ways to do them better. This approach allows us to pinpoint our weaknesses and enables us to continue to grow as a team. We are only defeated when we stop growing. Getting swept by Tulsa says nothing about how good of a team we are. In fact, it implies a false perception of our team. We are better than what we showed this weekend, and we are determined to prove that. We have good stretch of midweek games coming up that will provide an opportunity for us to get some swagger back and get some momentum going into the next couple conference series.

Wednesday we face Alabama State and are looking to add 2 W's to our home turf record. Then we travel to Marshall and take the thunder out of the Herd! Excited for a new week and a new challenge!

Go Tigers!

Heather Mott #10

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