2011 Softball Blog #10 -- Senior Heather Mott

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May 16, 2011

Words can't express the excitement that I am feeling right now! Growing up, I remember watching the NCAA tournament on TV and thinking how awesome it would be to be in those girl's shoes. At the time, it felt like a shot in the dark, but today it is reality! Memphis Softball has once again made history with a first ever NCAA tournament bid!

Coach Thees invited the team to her house for a Selection Show party Sunday night. We were either going to leave the party really happy or really sad. The players started to arrive around 8:30 and we all anxiously waited for the show to start at 9. To pass the time and help calm the nerves, we did what our team does best. We ate! Coach Thees' kitchen counter was full of goodies that included cupcakes, brownies, cookies and chocolate covered strawberries.

As the show started, we all gathered in front a huge projection screen and transformed ourselves into human pretzels as we crossed every part of our bodies. Coach Thees' twins, Ali and Megan, even crossed their eyes.

The first two regions came up with no luck. Then the second two were announced. Then the third, fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh pair of regions were announced and Memphis still hadn't appeared. The Alabama region was the final one to be announced, and sure enough Memphis was in it! We exploded in cheers, and tears of joy streamed down our faces. We did it!

This team deserves to go to Regionals. We have worked way too hard and have invested way too much to not go. This program deserves to go to Regionals. One thing that attracted me to Memphis was the thought of building a program. It's unbelievable the steps this program has taken in only six years. It's crazy to think that only a few years ago we were crossing our fingers and toes hoping to just get into the conference tournament. We have raised the bar and from here on out the goal is to make it further than the year before. This is only the beginning of great things to come from this program.

We have survived another week and it's going to be the most memorable week of the season, or for me my career! No matter what happens from here on out, we can be very proud of what we accomplished this year. Nothing was handed to us. We earned everything we got through hard work. That in itself is the greatest accomplishment of all.

Now, we have some fun! There is no pressure and nothing to prove. We have already proven we are among the best teams in the nation. We trust the work we have put in and just enjoy playing the game!

Go Tigers! Heather Mott #10

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Congrats from Conn. Good Luck in the Tournament.We are proud of you Heather!!!!!

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